Barcelona wine tasting tour

Wine tour to the family winery for wine lovers and for professionals
Родина кавы, самый крупный винодельческий регион в Каталонии; Rodina kavy, samyj krupnyj vinodel'cheskij region v Katalonii
I will pick you up from any place in Barcelona with my car and we will drive to the south of Catalonia to the beautiful wine region of Penedès. The scenic road will take about 1 hour, during which I will tell you about the history of the region, the wine industry and the lifestyle of local winemakers.
At the winery we will meet with the owner, whose hospitality makes you feel at home.
We will walk along the streets of the ancient town towards the vineyards where I will explain you the secrets of producing healthy grapes and our local most valuable sorts of vines.
Back at the winery you will be surprised by our unique way of tasting cava. During the harvest you will be able to do the foot treading. Once in a lifetime experience!!!
From the terrace of the winery you will enjoy a beautiful view of the natural park while tasting local cheese, omelet, sausages, spanish tapas, rustic bread with tomato and aromatic olive oil and all this accompanied by our lovely wine. On the way back we will stop at a 360° viewpoint overlooking the entire valley and Montserrat mountain. Beautiful photos are guaranteed!
Ideal for couples, family and small groups

Other things to note
This is a small family-owned winery, located 50km from Barcelona. The owners are three brothers, very hardworking and welcoming Catalans. We will be accompanied during the visit by one of them.
Price is 149 EUR for one person

Let me know if you have special requests. I adjust my tours according to the season and to the experience of my guests

To book cava wine tour:
WhatsApp: +34671246972
Telegram: @AK_barcelona
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