Almond trees

Almonds in Catalonia
Once upon a time, there was a young girl named Lily who lived in a small town surrounded by rolling hills and fields. She was always curious about the world around her, and she loved to explore and learn new things.
One warm day at the end of January, as she was walking through the countryside, Lily came across a grove of almond trees in full bloom. The pink and white blooms covered the branches, creating a sea of delicate flowers that swayed in the gentle breeze. Lily was struck by the beauty of the trees, and she became curious about how they grew and when they would have fruits to taste.
She asked her father about the almond trees, and he told her that the pink blooms were actually the beginning of the fruit-forming process. He explained that the flowers would soon be pollinated by bees, and that the small green fruits would eventually develop into the nuts that she loved to eat.
Lily was fascinated by this process and she decided to learn more. She asked her father to take her to visit a local almond farm, where she could see the trees up close and learn how they were grown. Her father agreed, and they set out on a trip to the farm.
At the farm, Lily met the farmer, who showed her around the orchard and explained the different stages of almond growth. She learned about the irrigation, pollination, and pruning, and she was amazed by the precision and care that went into growing a single almond tree.
Finally, the farmer took her to a tree that had already produced its fruit, and she was able to taste the sweet and crunchy nuts straight from the tree. Lily was overjoyed by the delicious taste and she thanked the farmer for his hospitality.

From that day on, Lily was passionate about almonds and she made it her mission to learn everything she could about the trees and their growth. She went on to study horticulture and agriculture in college, and she eventually became a successful almond farmer herself.
Years later, as she stood in her own orchard surrounded by blooming almond trees, Lily smiled, thinking back to that day when she first saw the beautiful trees in bloom and became curious about their growth. She was grateful for her love of learning and her passion for almonds, which had led her down a path of discovery and success.

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